Since I first started the blog , some of you guys have email me on how to become a pro wrestler. Becoming a pro wrestler is not easy and the steps of becoming a pro wrestler might change. Remember your not the only one who wants to be a wrestler and to be honest no one really cares if your dream is to become a pro wrestler. Most Wrestling school want the best for there promotion and if your good enough they will want to keep you around. If you not so good most schools won’t tell they just tell you to keep training and they will take your money.

So how can you become a pro wrestler? Follow these step and you might make it big.

1. You might not know it yet but your all ready doing step 1. Do your research is first. Make sure you really want to be a pro wrestler. Do you have time for it? Do you have the money to pay training? Are you in shape for it? Remember if your not in shape it will be very difficult for you and the school won’t really care they just want your money. Do research on the school you want to go. Is it worth they money if your not sure ask them if you can stop by to see what they do and how training works. If they school sucks then save your money.

2. Second step is of course find a wrestling school. If you don’t really care about going to WWE or TNA then go to any wrestling school, its your money. If you want to make it big then go to a good school. Now of days anyone can have a wrestling ring but you want a wrestling school that has a good promotion like monthly shows, TV deal, Good trainer, and so on.

3. In pro wrestling you never stop learning. There are some many different styles and moves. So just because you had your first real match doesn’t mean your done training. The next step is your first match and to be honest it might be a jobber match or a ten minute match to start off the show. You will most likely not get paid.

4. Once your trainer and promoter think you ready you will now be part of the roster as a active wrestler. If your still with the same promotion you might get paid $10 or so but in some case you still might not get paid. But that’s OK you will get experience, develop a character, and make a name out of your self. This means that you might be able to wrestle in different promotions near by and get paid. Most independent wrestler make around $10 to $100 or more a match. The wrestlers who make $100 a match are former WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, ROH, Wrestlers.

5. Now that you made a name out of yourself its time to wrestle in as many places as possible. Remember the more places you wrestle the more people will recognize you.

6. Once you do get recognize then you will finally get your big shot. Your big shot could be WWE, TNA, ROH, and so on.

7. Remember never forget who help you get there. The trainer, promoters, workers, and of course the fans.


The forums are now up!

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Well I finally got the forums up and running. You can check them out here. There you can talk about WWE, TNA, and other wrestling promotions. Also Ask any questions about becoming a pro wrestler. We also want feedback on the blog. So don’t forget to check out the forums.

I’m Back!

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I’m now back and the blog is not for sale. Sorry for the long wait. There will be a couple of changes coming soon to the blog. I am thinking about a podcast and Youtube videos. The forums are down at the moment but I will see what I can do. Make sure you check back soon and support the blog. Thanks.

From The Ring Of Honor Wrestling Academy will be starting new classes during the week of October 25th, 2010 with head trainer, DELIRIOUS. The school is located in Bristol, PA (close to I-95 and the PA turnpike). The facility includes a full size ring, weight lifting equipment, a video library, and other resources.


*ROH is one of the biggest independent wrestling promotions

*You might wrestler for ROH

*A known trainer DELIRIOUS

*They claim you learn
-Emphasis on the fundamentals
-Conditioning and weight training
-Ring psychology
-Development of timing and positioning
-Continuous evaluation
-Advice on character development
-Assistance with promos

* The facility includes a full size ring, weight lifting equipment, a video library, and other resources.

*Once you have graduated you are allowed and encouraged to come to training sessions at no extra charge!!!!!!!

*Have there own wrestling promotion called Pro Wrestling Respect is a small independent wrestling promotion that is presented by the Ring of Honor Academy.

*Ring of Honor offers two payment options:
1: $900 deposit with $350 a month for a total of six months. This option allows you to quit at anytime with no added costs besides the deposit and months that you have attended.

2: Paying in full is nonrefundable but gives you the benefit of receiving a $350 discount.


*One ring? ROH only has one ring for there school?

*DELIRIOUS has no WWE or WCW experience.

*$900 down payment on the first day of class

*Then its $350 a month, which will be only 6 months.

*The total cost will be $3000.00!! You do at least get a discount if you pay the entire class on the first day which will be $2650.00.

*The worst con in my opinion. No refunds will be given to students who voluntarily withdraw from the class in which they have enrolled!……So if you never been in a Wrestling Ring and you learn how to take a bump and your head hurts and you find out Wrestling is not for you, you can’t get your money back? Now that taking your money and run!

The Ring of Honor Wrestling School in my opinion, is not good but not bad either. The school does offer some good things like Once you have graduated you are allowed and encouraged to come to training sessions at no extra charge” and there school has there own small promotion which means you have a chance to wrestle more in a live crowd. I do not like that they only have one ring but its not a big deal even though ROH is a big promotion, it just make you think how much they care about there Wrestling School. Also the No refund is not fair for some students and it does cost a lot but this is where education is important.

From OVW Website Ohio Valley Wrestling is recognized around the world as one of the finest professional wrestling training facilities in the industry. OVW counts among its many accolades that it was once one of the official developmental programs for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), the sport’s leading promotion.


*A former developmental programs for WWE

* Train you like you were going to be in WWE

*Have a TV deal

*Lots of live events

*Trainer NICK DINSMORE aka Eugene


*Class meets every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5 to 8 PM. So you pay $1,000 for that?

*Need a Kentucky Wrestling License

*Eugene as a Trainer?


1. OVW trains beginners ONLY TWO hours per week. They train you for 26 weeks. That is 52 Hours and is REDICULOUS.

Unless you are trained at least four three hour sessions per week you are wasting your time.

3. OVW suggests that their beginning students go on to WWE. That’s not true.

4. Not one single OVW school beginner ever went to WWE. The ones that do go to WWE were first hired by WWE and sent to OVW to practice.

5. OVW TRAINERS ARE OLD SCHOOL: To them, you are just another mark.

6. UNREASONABLE PRICE: OVW charges $500 for 26 weeks. Sounds real good at first, except that you only get 2 hours of training so their price really would equal $6,000 if you go 4 days a week for a year, and that is terrible.

6. OVW says you will be SEEN by WWE people. That is the WORST thing that can happen to you. You NEVER want to be seen until you are terrific.

7. JOBS AND THINGS TO DO Jefersonville is next to Louisville which is next to nowhere and has very bad employment. You will be training 2 hours per week. What are you going to do with the other 166 hours per week?

These are the Pros and Cons of FCW. FCW is where you might have the best shot to make it to the WWE, But there a price to pay.


*Might Make it to WWE

*Train right and safe to make it to the big leagues.

*Billy Kidman is one of the trainers.

*You get to meet WWE superstars

*WWE scouts come by, which include JR

*Have live events every week

*You learn how to wrestling for TV


*BEGINNERS CLASS is $1200.00 tuition, application and deposit of $200

*School will run only 2 days a week from 7-9 pm, for only three months?

*There no advance class for wrestler who already know how to wrestle.

In my opinion this is not worth it, for $1,200 you only train 2 day a week for 2 hours and for three months. If you really want to make it to WWE then this is for you but if you want to be one of the best in the world then go to a fair deal school with a good teacher and you can still make it to WWE for example guys like C.M. Punk and Kaval wrestle independent and made it to the WWE.

This is a great article from

A lot of youngsters watch wrestling and want to become wrestlers. Unfortunately, there is no real training available for young people. What’s a kid to do?

What NOT To do
Under no circumstances should you attempt what you see done on TV. Backyard wrestling is not a career path to the WWE. Don’t be dismayed though because there are things you can do get yourself ready for a wrestling career though.

What you can do
The most successful wrestlers have a combination of physical skills and communication abilities. If you lack either of these you will not be successful

Communication Skills
There are several things you can do to get better communication skills. I would recommend joining the debating team and take any acting class you can. While you are in school, get involved with any activity that requires you to be in front of people. Also run for school office and build your campaign as if you were building a wrestling persona. Come up with a nifty catchphrase and imagine the debate in front of your classmates as a wrestling promo.

Physical Conditioning
A wrestlers body is put through a lot of abuse. As a youngster it is important to build a solid foundation. The most important thing is to treat your body with respect and do not put any junk in it (ex: Drugs, Steroids, Alcohol). You should keep yourself in shape. You do not need to look like Batista but you shouldn’t be obese either. In addition, you should get involved in sports at school. Obviously amateur wrestling would be a good sport, but any sport will do. Wrestlers have come from all different sporting backgrounds. Just make sure it is something you enjoy.

Work out your brain also
Most of the wrestlers you see on TV have gone to college. It is important to have a good mind for business because you are working for yourself and have a lot of shady people looking to take advantage of you at all levels of a wrestling career. It is important to learn how to budget your money and invest it unless you want to be one of those wrestling stars that are wrestling in their 60’s and don’t have a dime to show for their lifetime of hard work.

You can also see a list of wrestling schools HERE