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A lot of youngsters watch wrestling and want to become wrestlers. Unfortunately, there is no real training available for young people. What’s a kid to do?

What NOT To do
Under no circumstances should you attempt what you see done on TV. Backyard wrestling is not a career path to the WWE. Don’t be dismayed though because there are things you can do get yourself ready for a wrestling career though.

What you can do
The most successful wrestlers have a combination of physical skills and communication abilities. If you lack either of these you will not be successful

Communication Skills
There are several things you can do to get better communication skills. I would recommend joining the debating team and take any acting class you can. While you are in school, get involved with any activity that requires you to be in front of people. Also run for school office and build your campaign as if you were building a wrestling persona. Come up with a nifty catchphrase and imagine the debate in front of your classmates as a wrestling promo.

Physical Conditioning
A wrestlers body is put through a lot of abuse. As a youngster it is important to build a solid foundation. The most important thing is to treat your body with respect and do not put any junk in it (ex: Drugs, Steroids, Alcohol). You should keep yourself in shape. You do not need to look like Batista but you shouldn’t be obese either. In addition, you should get involved in sports at school. Obviously amateur wrestling would be a good sport, but any sport will do. Wrestlers have come from all different sporting backgrounds. Just make sure it is something you enjoy.

Work out your brain also
Most of the wrestlers you see on TV have gone to college. It is important to have a good mind for business because you are working for yourself and have a lot of shady people looking to take advantage of you at all levels of a wrestling career. It is important to learn how to budget your money and invest it unless you want to be one of those wrestling stars that are wrestling in their 60’s and don’t have a dime to show for their lifetime of hard work.

You can also see a list of wrestling schools HERE


I only received three questions for the Q&A. If you like your question answer at the next Q&A send them to

1. No Name( guy never send me a name or nickname, don’t use his email because I respect privacy) Q. How long will training be before I become pro? A. There no exact date but it just depends on the school you choose and how fast you learn, some guys might be faster learners other can be slow learners.

2. Josh from  Washington, Arkansas- Q. Does a bump hurt? A. Before I answer this  I  want to make sure everyone knows what a bump is when a wrestler hits the mat or ground. A flat back bump is a bump in which a wrestler lands solidly on his back with high impact, spread over as much surface as possible. A phantom bump occurs when a wrestler or referee takes a bump even though the move they are selling was visibly botched or otherwise not present. Phantom bumps are most commonly performed when the offensive wrestler is new. From WIKI for more Wrestling terms check out .

So does a bump hurt? If you land right then you should be fine but at first is not easy and your elbows might get bruised up so you should bring a elbow pad with you, It only hurts if you doing them wrong and the only bump that hurt me at first was the second rope bump & high school boy, Just make sure you hit flat on your back and chin always tuck in.

3. Another No Name( guy never send me a name or nickname, don’t use his email because I respect privacy) Q. Hi i am 14 and live in carsion city, Nevada and can’t find a wrestling school do you know any? A. By any do you mean in Carson City? If so no I do not but when you get older you can go to a wrestling school near your home town. Right now your young and I’m not saying your too young  to wrestle because I seen eleventh year old train. Right now focus in school and when you go to High School play sports, for example I played Wrestling and Swimming and my training was easy for me because I had an amateur background, you need to be in shape if you want to be a pro wrestler. You can also check out the list of school here in my blog and more will be added soon.

And that’s the Q&A for this week. I only revived three questions which is good for the first Q&A and you guys send good questions which I hope I answer them will for you. If you like your question answer at the next Q&A send them to In the subject put Q&A and your name, if you don’t want your name to be on the blog just use a  nickname.

Like him or hate him, HHH has a point in this video.

Thing’s to know are like tips, which I will post daily or weekly and are things you should know about Professional Wrestling.

Are Pro Wrestler’s Athletes? of course they are and some have played sports in High School like amateur  Wrestling, football, and other sports. People like to say that wrestling is fake but is it really? In a way it is but you have to be tough and independent wrestling rings and not made by good materials so you will be surprise how the ring hurts a little and on my first week of training I was sore and my head hurt a lot from taking bump’s. If you are not a Athlete, its never too late to start soon and make sure it’s before you first training because if not the head trainer and students will think your just wasting there time.

So you want to become a Pro Wrestler right? Ever since you were a child you dream about wrestling for WWE and become a superstar BUT! did you know that making it to the WWE is like trying to make it to the NFL or NBA? The chances of making it to the WWE is very difficult and you have to waste a lot of money ( I will make a post soon on how to make it to WWE) Most wrestler start of in the Independent circuit,  working from nothing to $20 to $100 if you are a big name. I’m not saying you will not make a lot of cash working for ROH, as some say ROH is like the WWE of Independent Wrestling, but you have to start off somewhere and that’s were working near your hometown. Here are the pros and cons of working/training for a small wrestling promotion.


*Training might be cheap or soon will be

*You learn the business

*You become part of a family

*You get lots of support

*Fans know who you are

*You get to meet Wrestler and some big names!

*You RESPECT the business more

*Learn how to set up a ring

* Lots more, it just depends who you work for


*Training is not cheap, Most is $100 a month but some schools charge $150,$200, and even $1,000

*You work for free and that means you have to set up the ring and do other jobs for free

*You need to come early and leave late in every show

*When you first start you begin to think “why should I become a Wrestler?”

*You waste your time? No I don’t mean wasting your time in a wrestling school, I mean new kids come all the time and the head trainer has to help them and you know this stuff already

*You start and think about the future and if you are going to do this for a living

* And more…… each wrestling promotion is different, so you need to understand that results may very.

BUT!!!! I can also tell you that EDUCATION is important. Most Independent Wrestler I know have crappy jobs like a waiter,strip club workers, bars, stores, and even fast food, now no disrespect as my father is a waiter but if you want to become big, you need to travel a lot and that’s were the money come’s in place and if you have a degree you have cash. Remember ” The more you learn the more you earn”

Want to be a Pro Wrestler? Don’t know how to start? Hey guys and of course gals and welcome to Want to be a Pro Wrestler blog. I been training to become a Pro Wrestler and it’s not easy at first but I will help you in this blog. When I wanted to become a Pro Wrestler, I didn’t know how to start but with this blog, I do my best to help you out and even tell you some secrets of Pro Wrestling. I will also give you a list of the best wrestling schools in the world also video of pro wrestling moves,how to start,where to start, what not to do in the ring, and more. I’m not here to sell anything, I’m here to help you so enjoy the blog and thanks for visiting.