Too young to go to wrestling school?

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Want to be a Pro Wrestler

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A lot of youngsters watch wrestling and want to become wrestlers. Unfortunately, there is no real training available for young people. What’s a kid to do?

What NOT To do
Under no circumstances should you attempt what you see done on TV. Backyard wrestling is not a career path to the WWE. Don’t be dismayed though because there are things you can do get yourself ready for a wrestling career though.

What you can do
The most successful wrestlers have a combination of physical skills and communication abilities. If you lack either of these you will not be successful

Communication Skills
There are several things you can do to get better communication skills. I would recommend joining the debating team and take any acting class you can. While you are in school, get involved with any activity that requires you to be in front of people. Also run for school office and build your campaign as if you were building a wrestling persona. Come up with a nifty catchphrase and imagine the debate in front of your classmates as a wrestling promo.

Physical Conditioning
A wrestlers body is put through a lot of abuse. As a youngster it is important to build a solid foundation. The most important thing is to treat your body with respect and do not put any junk in it (ex: Drugs, Steroids, Alcohol). You should keep yourself in shape. You do not need to look like Batista but you shouldn’t be obese either. In addition, you should get involved in sports at school. Obviously amateur wrestling would be a good sport, but any sport will do. Wrestlers have come from all different sporting backgrounds. Just make sure it is something you enjoy.

Work out your brain also
Most of the wrestlers you see on TV have gone to college. It is important to have a good mind for business because you are working for yourself and have a lot of shady people looking to take advantage of you at all levels of a wrestling career. It is important to learn how to budget your money and invest it unless you want to be one of those wrestling stars that are wrestling in their 60’s and don’t have a dime to show for their lifetime of hard work.

You can also see a list of wrestling schools HERE


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