Steps on becoming a pro wrestler

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Want to be a Pro Wrestler

Since I first started the blog , some of you guys have email me on how to become a pro wrestler. Becoming a pro wrestler is not easy and the steps of becoming a pro wrestler might change. Remember your not the only one who wants to be a wrestler and to be honest no one really cares if your dream is to become a pro wrestler. Most Wrestling school want the best for there promotion and if your good enough they will want to keep you around. If you not so good most schools won’t tell they just tell you to keep training and they will take your money.

So how can you become a pro wrestler? Follow these step and you might make it big.

1. You might not know it yet but your all ready doing step 1. Do your research is first. Make sure you really want to be a pro wrestler. Do you have time for it? Do you have the money to pay training? Are you in shape for it? Remember if your not in shape it will be very difficult for you and the school won’t really care they just want your money. Do research on the school you want to go. Is it worth they money if your not sure ask them if you can stop by to see what they do and how training works. If they school sucks then save your money.

2. Second step is of course find a wrestling school. If you don’t really care about going to WWE or TNA then go to any wrestling school, its your money. If you want to make it big then go to a good school. Now of days anyone can have a wrestling ring but you want a wrestling school that has a good promotion like monthly shows, TV deal, Good trainer, and so on.

3. In pro wrestling you never stop learning. There are some many different styles and moves. So just because you had your first real match doesn’t mean your done training. The next step is your first match and to be honest it might be a jobber match or a ten minute match to start off the show. You will most likely not get paid.

4. Once your trainer and promoter think you ready you will now be part of the roster as a active wrestler. If your still with the same promotion you might get paid $10 or so but in some case you still might not get paid. But that’s OK you will get experience, develop a character, and make a name out of your self. This means that you might be able to wrestle in different promotions near by and get paid. Most independent wrestler make around $10 to $100 or more a match. The wrestlers who make $100 a match are former WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, ROH, Wrestlers.

5. Now that you made a name out of yourself its time to wrestle in as many places as possible. Remember the more places you wrestle the more people will recognize you.

6. Once you do get recognize then you will finally get your big shot. Your big shot could be WWE, TNA, ROH, and so on.

7. Remember never forget who help you get there. The trainer, promoters, workers, and of course the fans.


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