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These are the Pros and Cons of FCW. FCW is where you might have the best shot to make it to the WWE, But there a price to pay.


*Might Make it to WWE

*Train right and safe to make it to the big leagues.

*Billy Kidman is one of the trainers.

*You get to meet WWE superstars

*WWE scouts come by, which include JR

*Have live events every week

*You learn how to wrestling for TV


*BEGINNERS CLASS is $1200.00 tuition, application and deposit of $200

*School will run only 2 days a week from 7-9 pm, for only three months?

*There no advance class for wrestler who already know how to wrestle.

In my opinion this is not worth it, for $1,200 you only train 2 day a week for 2 hours and for three months. If you really want to make it to WWE then this is for you but if you want to be one of the best in the world then go to a fair deal school with a good teacher and you can still make it to WWE for example guys like C.M. Punk and Kaval wrestle independent and made it to the WWE.


Thing’s to know are like tips, which I will post daily or weekly and are things you should know about Professional Wrestling.

Are Pro Wrestler’s Athletes? of course they are and some have played sports in High School like amateur¬† Wrestling, football, and other sports. People like to say that wrestling is fake but is it really? In a way it is but you have to be tough and independent wrestling rings and not made by good materials so you will be surprise how the ring hurts a little and on my first week of training I was sore and my head hurt a lot from taking bump’s. If you are not a Athlete, its never too late to start soon and make sure it’s before you first training because if not the head trainer and students will think your just wasting there time.