Pro Wrestling Schools

Here where you will find the best wrestling school in the world! Also you will find reviews of wrestling school. These are not in order but are some of the best out there. More will be coming soon.

This is a great article from


1. BE OPEN FOUR YEARS OR MORE: 95% of new wrestling schools fail in their first year .. And their trainees lose all their money.

Over 500 failed between 2002 and 2008. So, whatever else they promise, if a school is less than four years old, you should run away as fast as you can. Because chances are they will fail and you will be out and lose all your money. We have had 100s of these reported by devastated students.

Even schools sponsored by WWE fail and fail often.

2. A school MUST HAVE 25 or more STUDENTS. You need at least that many to practice the many variations you must learn to be any good at all.

3. SUCCESS RATE Unless WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, JAPAN Have taken lots of their wrestlers, your chance of being recruited from a school are little to none.

4. A good school needs AT LEAST 5 RINGS. So stars can practice while students are trained and other students can practice with each other. We have had lots of complaints about students sitting around waiting their turn because their was only 1 or 2 rings. Sitting and watching is not the same as actually doing it.

5. A good school must provide you 100s matches in front of audiences. You need that many to learn to work the audience. If a school says it will get you your FIRST MATCH, or ONE match a week or month forget it. It is nowhere near enough.

Some schools run by big name wrestlers don’t let you in a ring for months. That is a total rip off. It is like learning Little League without ever going on the field.

WWE wants students with 2 or 3 years or more of training.

6. A good school must TRAIN YOU 4 DAYS A WEEK OR MORE. Less is not enough.

7. A good school must offer MICROPHONE TRAINING: Flair, Stone Cold, Rock, & Hulk earn far more than other wrestlers because of their ability to express themselves.

8. SPECIAL WARM UPS and STRETCHING must be taught for wrestlers to avoid injuries that sideline wrestlers.

9. SPECIAL NUTRITION: for wrestlers to avoid salt, fat, sugar and chemicals that ruin cardio, strength & looks.

10. NOT OLD SCHOOL STYLE: Old School Wrestlers often cheat students. To them, you are just another victim … A Mark.

11. NO TIME LIMIT such as 3 weeks or 6 months. It can take much longer. If they don’t offer 4 days a week for 2 years, or more you should avoid them.

12. REASONABLE PRICE: Anything that averages over $50 per month or $1,200 for 2 years is too much.

13. MAIN FOCUS MUST BE ON STUDENTS. If a web site tells about the trainer and not about the success of the students they are thinking of themselves and not of you.

They should show hundreds of STUDENT matches on YOUTUBE and the matches should look good.

14. IF THE SCHOOL IS MORE THAN 30 MINUTES TO MAJOR CITY, Forget it. You will need a job, & not waste your whole day commuting.

15. THE OWNER SHOULD NOT CURRENTLY BE IN WWE because he will not have time for you. He will assign a student to teach you. Even if he is out of WWE he’ll be trying to get HIMSELF back in, not you.

16. PRICE MUST BE ON THE WEB SITE. If not, it’s a sign they want to trap you into a higher price.

17. CAMPS: While a camp is OK to SAMPLE a school to see if you like it, It is impossible to learn enough to become a successful wrestler in just a few days.

Camps that promise to teach you enough in a short time are total ripoffs.

Camps that say WWE will be there to watch you are a total rip off.

18. YOUTUBES  They should have hundreds of youtubes of their students so you can see the quality of their training on the internet
before you waste any time on them.

19. SPECIAL SITUATIONS These are problem situations reported by news, or ex students.

If you are training and would like to review your wrestling school, Please send me a email with a rating of 1-10, and other info to

1.WWA4 Atlanta, Georgia WWA4 might be one of the best wrestling school and also in a way cheap. This info is from there website

1. OPEN SINCE 1995
2. 3 YEAR Membership in Atlanta (other schools are 1 to 12 months)
3. COST: $ 990 for 3 yearss
$ 890 if you did Home School.
or $ 590 if you did both Home School and Camp.
at other schools you pay $2,000 to $11,000 for much less time.
4. 4 or 5 DAYS per week (other schools are only 1 or 2 days a week)
5. In FIVE RINGS – A school needs five rings so all students can all
practice at the same time. Most schools have  only 1 or 2 rings so
you have to wait in line & not get enough wrestling.
6. HOURS: 3 to 4 hours every day (other schools are open 2 hours a
day but they have one ring so you you only wrestle 20 minutes)
7. And 1000s of MATCHES (other schools do 1 per week or less)
8. RING TIME: (You get 100 times more ring time at WWA4)
9. WWE: With more time you learn faster and can get to WWE faster)
10. TRAINER: 20 years of WWE-WCW-ECW-TNA (others use Indy guys)
11. WWA4 TEACHES: everything you see on TV (except no blood)
12. WWA4 IS RATED # 1: (Most other schools are rated as rip-offs)
13. 7 to11 PM Mon thru Thurs: so you can have a day or weekend job
14. 30 INDIES NEAR WWA4: & you can wrestle there when ready.
15. 2061 STUDENT YOUTUBES: (More than next 20 schools) So your
friends, parents, and scouts can see you
You can live anywhere. But if
you wish you can stay at the
wrestler hotel for these prices:
Share with room mate = $400/mo
Private = $750/mo
Security room deposit = $75
No other wrestling school in America provides this service
17. AGE 18 for school in Atlanta if you are from out of State
18. AGE 16 if you are from the state of Georgia and a parent signs.
19. WOMEN: are fewer than men, and train with men. It’s also harder
to get a female room mate so you will probably live with a married
wrestling couple until we can get you a room mate.
20. JOIN ANY DAY because WWA4 will fit you in immediately.
21. TAKE TIME OFF: Your time off does not count toward your 3 years.
If you quit you can come back any time in the future
22 WE TEACH: Mat wrestling, High Flying, Lucha, Announcing, Mike,
Ref, Managing, Valet, Body building, Nutrition, Promoting, Video.
23. ROLES & COSTUMES: All you need to start are gym clothes.
Later you can pick your own or we can help.
24. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Pay one time for as many trips
to wwa4 as you like. VISAS are not required from 35 Countries
(see International pages) Tourist Visas are OK from other countries.
25. HEIGHT & WEIGHT: You can be any size.
26. NEED TO GET IN SHAPE?: We can help you.
27. FREE WWA4 WEIGHT AREA in our gym
28. CITY OWNED GYM is nearby and only $99 per year.
29. CLASSES 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs & some Fri
30. TO QUALIFY FOR WWE you must practice moves and promos in
100s of matches for 2 or more years. Only WWA4 lets you do this.
31. 100s of INDY SHOWS are, Thurs, Friday, Saturdays and Sundays
32. JOBS: are available in Atlanta, especially if you have a car.
33. PLANE OR BUS OR TRAIN: We meet you if you pay in advance.
35. COLLEGE: There are many colleges and trade schools in Atlanta.
You can go to them in the day and ALSO train at WWA4 in the evening.

36. CAMPIONSHIPS: We have every championship that you can win.

My opinion- Good price and lots of ring’s

2.FCW Florida Championship Wrestling Want to make it to the WWE? Here will be a good start but there a price. Info from


  • Students must be 18 or older and must have a complete sports physical.
  • $1200.00 tuition, application and deposit of $200 accepted starting May 1st . Balance due first day of class. Cash or certified funds.
  • Sign all releases
  • School will run 2 days a week from 7-9 pm (Mondays and Wednesdays) for three months.
  • Course consists of basic wrestling skills. No high impact or high risk movements.
  • Classi limited 20 applicants.

In my opinion FCW is not worth it, only train two days a week? And you pay how much?

3.OVW Ohio Valley Wrestling OVW use to be WWE developmental program but not anymore. Info from

Class Overview

  1. Trained by Former WWE Tag Team Champion Nick Dinsmore and the Staff of Ohio Valley Wrestling.
  2. Class meets for 20 sessions over 10 weeks
  3. Each session meets Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:00pm to 8:00pm
  4. Main purpose of class is to teach Ring Technique, Basic Ring Psychology, and most importantly SAFTEY!!
  5. Class is Cardio Intensive. If you are not in “ring” shape it’s OK! The purpose of this class is to help get you there! No prior conditioning is necessary but is recommended!
  6. Ohio Valley Wrestling trains its athletes the way WWE prefers their athletes to be trained.

Class Requirements

  1. $10.00 Application Fee
  2. Class costs $1,000.00
    1. Payable Online via Paypal. Cash is accepted in person.
    2. Payment Plans are not available. Full amount is due Day one of Class.
  3. Class requires you to have Kentucky State Wrestling License from the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority
    1. Link to KY Wrestling license homepage:
  4. <!–

  5. Direct link to application:
  6. –>

  7. You MUST BE 18 Years of Age in order to attend class!
  8. High school Diploma or GED is required. OVW will consider special circumstances via petition process.

4.APW All Pro Wrestling info from

How old do I have to be?
You must be 18 yrs. old to join. You can be 16 yrs. of old age with parents consent but they must co-sign the contract agreements.

Do I have to be in shape?
You must pass a sports-physical. We need the results or a note on doctor letterhead stating you are in good physical condition per your last physical on such and such date and can participate in the sport of wrestling. Once camp starts, try to be in good physical shape with your cardio or you’ll be throwing up everywhere. We also have a team of Pro Wrestlers that are Personal Trainers so you will get all the help you need with diet, cardio, weight training and supplements to build the right look.

Do I need to own a car?
Yes, if you are relocating from out of the area but No, if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, students take a bus or take BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) and take a bus from BART that drops them off across the street from the school. After practice, they get a ride from a student to BART because the buses don’t run by the school late at night.

How much is the Boot Camp?
The lifetime training fee is $6,000 but we offer so many different discounts that could get your fee down to half price.

How many camps do you start every year?
We only start 2 camps a year. We start new camps every JANUARY and JULY. Camps fill up quickly so you need to sign up for them in advance ASAP.

Do you have financing plans?
We have 4 payment plans. They are very affordable. Two are monthly payment plans. Our two other plans allow you to pay your fees up-front at sign up or on the 1st day of class. The more you pay up-front, the cheaper the training fee.

If I choose a plan that requires a deposit, how much is the deposit?
The deposit is $500. You can also pay in full when you sign up and receive a huge discount. One payment plan requires only a $200 deposit. With one payment plan, you make no payments until the 1st day of class.

Do you do credit checks?
No, we don’t do credit checks. APW happens to be a good way to establish your credit because we report everything, good or bad to the credit bureaus.

Do you take everyone regardless of size?
If we didn’t take everyone do you seriously think a Matt Hyson weighing 135 pounds who relocated from Rhode Island to California would have had a career as SPIKE DUDLEY and BROTHER RUNT? Size does not matter!

I work so when are class times?
At APW, we try to accommodate the working class. The Beginners Fundamentals classes are MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. The Advanced Fundamentals Semi-Prom Camp takes place TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 6:30 pm to 9 pm but only after you graduate the Beginners Fundamentals camp.

When you graduate the Semi-Pro Camp you train with the pros and are approximately 6 months from making your pro debut. The pros practice on the Saturday show days from 12 noon to 4 pm during Local shows and from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm on Road shows.

All students must also attend the PROMO class on the last Thursday of every month. Class times for those are from 7 pm to 10 pm

Of course, everyone is required to attend all APW live events because it is a learning experience for everyone. APW Live Events usually take place on Saturdays.

How long is the training and how long is each camp?
Each of the 3 camps are 6 months in duration and you will have your first pro match in approximately 18 months to 24 months but the training is lifetime. You never stop learning in this business and we train you until you get to the next level of WWE, TNA, ECW, Japan, Mexico etc…

If I drop out, is it like college where I have to repay the entire tuition again?

Absolutely not! Upon your return to the camp after dropping out, you must pay an Administrative Fee of $500 and we provide financing for that as well.

How long is the training and how long is each camp?

2 years but you never stop learning. The training, at the APW Boot Camp, lasts a lifetime.

How do I sign up?
Give us a call at (510) 785-8396 and tell us you are ready to sign up. You can also drop Roland Alexander an e-mail at and make an appointment to sign up. Sign-ups are by appointment only. Don’t forget to fill out the on-line application to get your brochure and qualify for the Early Bird Discount.

5.Chikara Wrestle Factory info from

: What is The Wrestle Factory?
A: The Wrestle Factory is a pro-wrestling school that trains men and women for roles as professional wrestlers, announcers, referees and more.

Q: What does the name “Chikara” mean?
A: Chikara is the Japanese word for strength and power.

Q: Who runs The Wrestle Factory?
A: The school is run by “Lightning” Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagnoli, longtime veterans of the independent circuit.

Q: How much is the tuition?
A: Wrestler training costs $3000, but a discounted rate of $2500 is offered for students who pay in advance in one lump sum. Payment plans are offered for periods as long as six months. A discounted rate applies to wrestlers that have previous training elsewhere.

Q: Where is the school located?
A: The school is currently running at The Arena (formerly the ECW Arena) which is located in the heart of South Philly, at the corner of Swanson & Ritner streets. The precise address is: 7 Ritner Street | Philadelphia, PA 19148

Q: What makes The Wrestle Factory different from other wrestling schools in the area?
A: The Wrestle Factory is the only training center in the United States currently teaching all styles of wrestling, from lucha libre to European style and everything else. Each student is also subject to continuous evaluation and re-evaluation by the trainer(s), who maintains a hands-on philosophy at every stage of their student’s growth. The Wrestle Factory provides a great network for beginning wrestlers looking to gain experience and travel.

Q: How do I enroll at The Wrestle Factory?
A: You must pass a complete physical, which you can have performed by your regular physician. The Wrestle Factory requires written proof from your doctor that you are in good health, and are capable of regular, rigorous exercise. After passing your physical, contact Mike Quackenbush directly to schedule a visitation to the school, and to complete other necessary forms to enroll. Applicants with medical conditions that inhibit their ability to exercise or other questions relating to training can call the Wrestle Factory at 215-839-8096.

Q: How long is the course?
A: Each student is different, and therefore, the length of their training is different. Some students may move more quickly than others, some will advance more slowly. The students themselves determine the length of their training.

6.Ring of Honor Wrestling School info from

Some of the things your training will cover include:
-Emphasis on the fundamentals
-Conditioning and weight training
-Ring psychology
-Development of timing and positioning
-Continuous evaluation
-Advice on character development
-Assistance with promos

The cost for the ROH Wrestling Academy is as follows:
$900 down payment on the first day of class
$350 per month
*training is expected to be a 6 month program so the total cost should be $3000.00
If you would like to pay for the entire class on the first day of training you will receive a discounted price of $2650.00.

7. Pro Wrestling Revolution info from

Pro Wrestling Revolution provides two different courses to choose from. You can choose to do Pro Wrestling or Lucha Libre. You have the option to be trained as a referee as well. We believe we have the strongest team of trainers in the Bay Area and hope you will consider us for your Pro Wrestling – Lucha Libre training. We don’t not have contracts, and fully insured. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us 408-728-8318 or fill out our online application.

Pro Wrestling Training – 12 months ($2,499.00)

  • Beginners – Down Payment $305.00
  • Monthly Payment $132.00 (4 months)
  • Intermediate – Down Payment $305.00
  • Monthly Payment $132.00 (4 months)
  • Advanced – Down Payment $305.00
  • Monthly Payment $132.00 (4 months)

** 15% Pay Upfront Discount – ($2,124.15)

Lucha Libre  Training – 12 months ($2,499.00)

  • Beginners – Down Payment $305.00
  • Monthly Payment $132.00 (4 months)
  • Intermediate – Down Payment $305.00
  • Monthly Payment $132.00 (4 months)
  • Advanced – Down Payment $305.00
  • Monthly Payment $132.00 (4 months)

** 15% Pay Upfront Discount – ($2,124.15)

8. Pro Wrestling Alliance (Booker T Wrestling  School)

info from

Booker T’s Pro Wrestling Academy is committed to providing the

safest and highest quality training to aspiring professional wrestlers.

Established in 2005, PWA’s training facility is located in the warehouse

district of downtown Houston, TX.

PWA accepts students 18 years and older (17 with parental permission).

Registration is current and ongoing.

Training sessions run for a period of 6 months.

Classes are currently held at the following times:
Beginners Class: Monday – Friday: 5:00 – 7:00 P.M.
Intermediate/Advanced Class: Monday – Friday: 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.
*Class schedules are subject to change*

Wrestlers: $4000
Referees: $2000

*Payments are broken down into easy monthly installments*
*Initial down payment of $800 with monthly payments of $250 for wrestlers.
*Initial down payment of $500 with monthly payments of $250 for referees.

9. Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy

info from there site

New Student Rate:
$150 One time Membership Fee
$25 Per session (with Instructor)

Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy
Commonly Asked ?’s/ FAQS

1. I’m 18 years old, 5’5, 135 lbs, have a slight muscular build and wanted to be a wrestler my whole life. I taught myself a lot of moves with friends, do you think I can make it ?

Who knows if anyone is going to make it. Without evaluating you in the ring and seeing you, I can’t make that call. There is only one way to tellthat is for you to come down to SBWA.

2. How long does it take before we know everything?

In life you learn something new everyday, same goes for wrestling. The day you know everything, is the day to hang your boots up!!

3. I already work out 5-6 days a week at the gym. Is there any type of special training to get a wrestlers physique/build? What kind of cardiovascular & weight regiment should I be doing?

What you are doing is correct to obtain a wrestlers body. Just change up your routine as your body gets used to the same routine and doesn’t allow for full impact to your muscles. The only special training you will need is PRO WRESTLING training in addition to what you currently are doing.

4. I’m not a “mark”, I’ve seen “The Wrestler” and I know slang terms such as “kayfabe”, “juice”, “gig”, and “potato”. My friends say wrestling is a work and you can see on TV they’re not really hurting each other, whats up with that?

Be sure to have your friends watch any of our instructors on any DVD or YouTube.kAos, Supreme, Angel, Mongol. As there are many critics and nay-sayers, todays wrestlers have to prove themselves that much more, they have to hit harder and be more brutal due to people of a reality television society looking to exploit every little flaw. As with all physical contact sports you will receive a your fair share of bumps, bruises and blood. If you don’t expect to get hurt go play chess.

5. Can I wrestle for WWE or TNA after I graduate from SBWA?

Like the US military we prepare you like any good soldier, from the ground up, but if your sole purpose is to work for the WWE or TNAWhy waste our time and yours? If that is your only goal in pro wrestling, go directly to them:

TNA Wrestling, 209 10th Avenue South – Suite 302 Nashville, TN 37203

1 (800) 419-6405

World Wrestling Entertainment, 1241 East Main Street , Stamford, CT 06902

(203) 352-8600

6. Will I make a lot of money being a pro wrestler?

A small percentage actually make money by signing million dollar contracts, but the majority wrestle on the independent circuit. The average wrestler makes about $25 – 50, if you’re a good, sought after wrestler you can make anywhere from $300 – 500 or even $1000 per show.

7. Is pro wrestling a hard business to get into?

A few men and women will change the wrestling world, but like trying to be an actor in Hollywood, it is the hard work and dedication that can pay off. There is a lot of heart break and heart ache, it is up to you to stay driven and keep moving forward, taking not only the good, but the bad. Are you going to quit?

8. Is training at SBWA like training for MMA or the UFC?

Although we do train in submission wrestling, our main focus is pro wrestling, such as you see on TV. As you may or may not know, anything can happen in the ring at any given time, we train you to handle any situation that may occur.

9. How old do you have to be to Join Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy?

You must be 18 years old. (17 with Parental permission>)

10. Can you MAKE me a pro Wrestler?

Can WE make YOU a pro wrestler….To become a pro wrestler it takes alot of hardwork, dedication, sacrifice, and most importantly heart. We will give all the tools you need to make you a pro wrestler.
The blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice is up to you. How far will you take it?

10.IWF Butcher Shop

info from there site

IWF Promotions is the ONLY Wrestling promotion in Colorado that trains wrestlers and promotes live shows with both American Pro Wrestling and Lucha Libre. Unlike any of other Rocky Mountain based wrestling schools, students at the IWF Pro-Wrestling School “The Butcher Shop” benefit from actually getting in the ring with a seasoned professional trained by seasoned professionals.

11.Team 3D Academy

info from there site

Enrollment Includes:
One-Year Training Program With Team 3D
State Of The Art Facility With Full 18×18 Ring
Discounted One-Year Membership To Power Fitness Gym
Audio And Video Studio For Character Development
Full Access To Huge Wrestling Video Library

** Must be 18 or older to enroll – serious inquires only!
** Students are responsible for travel costs, living arrangements + meals

New Students

Total Tuition Cost: $3,500??????????????????????????? WOW

Special discounted price of $3,000 if payment is made if full up front.

One Year Payment Plan:
$500 minimum down payment required.
$250 minimum monthly payment.

12. More coming soon.

  1. GQ Money says:

    Hey there, i run a wrestling school in Chatsworth, CA that I would appreciate you listing.
    Check out the site, watch the clips, and you’ll love what we’re doing.

    Make Me a Pro Wrestler : Home of The Pit

    Ran by GQ Money, 12-year veteran as talent in the ring, as well as on commentary. XPW, WSX, TNA, Viva La Lucha, Lucha Las Vegas)

    Ran in conjunction with the World’s Strongest Bench Presser Scot Mendelson

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