Support us

Yes this blog is free for you but not so much for me  soon this blog will become a website and podcast, I will never beg for your money, this is all up to you and your money but if you would like to support the blog, you can put as much or as little as you want. Keep this blog alive!

I will not just tell you that we need money, I will tell you why, We need to upgrade! the first step is adding a domain name, which means this will become a website but it cost $9.97 a year and a registration fee of $5.00. We also need at least 15gb of memory, which cost $49.97. Do you hate ads? for $29.97 a year there will be no ads on this blog and trust me I hate them as much as you do. Also it would be nice to have full control on how the blog looks and for $14.97 a year we can get custom CSS which allows us to change the fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds, and layout of the blog. The blog will be alive as long as I’m living but this stuff is not cheap but just by looking at this blog you still in a way supporting the blog so Thanks!

Maybe you might not have extra cash and you have talent? If you can make us a logo with the name of the blog and a ring or something cool in the background we can use this as our new header, the header right now is the picture in my blog that is just a ring. Just send me a email to and send me the pic and that’s another great way to support the show. You can also make us a background as this light blue background is not working out very well.

Also you can just visit the blog each day and that still support us and tell your friends about us!

We just launch our forums

So now we need

$15 for a domain name, Ad removal $4.95 a month.

Soon I will have a Ebay and I will sell things for you to buy and support the blog.


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